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School Council

At the beginning of every year, a boy and a girl from each class are elected to become School Council members. We hold regular meetings (paused for COVID but hopefully we can get these up and running soon!) which focus on discussions around charity events, fund-raising and improvements to the school. We hold discussions in class before feeding back to one another during School Council meetings. School Council enables the children to have a real say in issues that affect them and to know their opinions count. 

"I enjoyed it because we got to choose how to make the school better by raising money and doing different events"
- Hollie (Year 4)

"I liked bringing back ideas back to the class and talking about how we can raise money for charity - it's good to help each other"
- Charlie B (Year 4)

"I remember when we did food tasting. It was really fun and we helped change the school menu. School dinners are much tastier now"
- Mieke (Year 5)

"I was a member when I was in Year R and I really liked going to school council meetings. They were really good and the Year 6 children helped me a lot"
- Noah (Year 5)

"It was really good because you get your voice heard and you can help other children. You can also help to improve the school"
- Emily (Year 6)

"I think it's great because you can share your ideas and other people's ideas. Some children are happy because of those ideas and changes to the school"
- Brandon (Year 6)