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Pupil Premium

The Government introduced new funding arrangements for schools in 2011. A key change was the introduction of a grant called the Pupil Premium, which is linked to the number of pupils eligible to receive Free School Meals, those who are Looked After and children whose parents serve in the Armed Forces. This information provides an indicator of the levels of need within a school. Schools are required to publish information regarding how they choose to spend this allocation and how they expect it to benefit identified children. The way in which this allocation is spent is reviewed in the September of each academic year.

2021-2022 Pupil Premium Information

The statement below details our school’s use of pupil premium (and recovery premium for the 2021 to 2022 academic year) funding to help improve the attainment of our disadvantaged pupils.

It outlines our pupil premium strategy, how we intend to spend the funding in this academic year and the effect that last year’s spending of pupil premium had within our school.

2020-2021 Pupil Premium Information

In 2020-21, the Pupil Premium allocation was £41,005.

We have reviewed the impact that our Pupil Premium interventions have had on increasing standards for these pupils so that we continue to make best investment choices for the next academic year.

We have identified the following barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils in the school:

  • A gap in achievement between eligible pupils and their peers
  • Emotional needs which may impact upon eligible pupils’ learning
  • A gap in achievement in reading, mathematics and GPAS between eligible pupils and their peers
  • Additional support needs in the classroom which may impact upon eligible pupils’ ability to be able to remain focused and access the task
  • Financial constraints which may mean that eligible pupils are unable to access educational visits and other extra-curricular opportunities
  • Gaps in children’s learning due to the COVID 19 lockdown and school closure
  • Emotional needs which have arisen due to the COVID 19 outbreak

We will fund a range of support mechanisms and interventions, including:

  • Releasing senior staff members to work with individuals and groups on targeted areas to narrow achievement gaps
  • Providing a counsellor who will offer emotional and well-being support for targeted pupils
  • High quality, focused interventions will be delivered to targeted pupils across both key stages by Teaching Assistants to help children
  • Teaching Assistants will target their support at children in receipt of pupil premium
  • Enabling pupil premium children to take part in educational visits including our Upper Key Stage 2 residential visit
  • The Howard Academy trust to provide laptops for targeted pupils in the event of self-isolation and remote learning needing to be accessed from home.
  • The Howard Academy trust to provide meal vouchers and food packs provided to targeted pupils during the COVID 19 pandemic.

PE and Sports Premium

Sports funding is provided by the Government each year to schools. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools. As a school we must spend the additional funding on improving provision of PE and sport.