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Local Academy Board

Governing Body Composition

The constitution for the Local Academy Board is:

Headteacher, up to 2 parent governors, up to 2 staff governors and up to 5 co-opted governors. 

The quorum shall be 3 governors or, where greater, any one-third (rounded up) of the total number of governors of the LAB.

The Local Academy Body of Deanwood Primary School

Each governor is responsible for the monitoring of a key area of the school. Their responsibilities are listed below.

  • David Giles (Chair of Governors)
  • Jane Wright (Head of School)
  • Oliver Slack (Staff)
  • Barry Rhodes (Co-opted)
  • Sarah Bennett (Co-opted)
  • Emma Gray (Parent)
  • Lindsey Callaghan (Parent)
  • Paul Morgan (Parent)

Terms of Reference for our Local Academy Board can be found here.

For details of the Members and Directors of The Howard Academy Trust please click here.


The Local Academy Board will meet at least 3 times a year and otherwise as required.

Members of the Local Academy Board will have at least seven clear days’ notice of the meeting and its agenda, except in the case of an emergency meeting.

The agenda and minutes will be produced by the Clerk to Governors and made available to all members of the Local Academy Board via Governor Hub.

A copy of the minutes, apart from confidential items, will be available in the school office for inspection by parent/carers and staff.

Name Relevant Business & Pecuniary Interests
(including governance roles in other education institutions)
Attendance record at meetings for the academic year ('20-'21)
Sarah Bennett (Co-opted)
Appointed: 30/03/18
Nil 3 of 3
Oliver Slack (Staff)
Appointed: 05/11/20
Nil 2 of 2
David Giles (Chair/Co-opted)
Appointed: 26/08/18
Barclays: Retired Employee
Temple Mill & Waterfront UTC: Co-opted Governor
3 of 3
Emma Gray (Parent)
Appointed: 29/09/19
Greenvale Infants: Vice & Co-opted Chair 1 of 3
Barry Rhodes (Co-opted)
Appointed: 30/03/18
Nil 3 of 3
Jane Wright (Head of School)
Appointed: 10/06/19
Nil 3 of 3
Lindsey Callaghan (Parent)
Appointed: 17/11/21
Nil N/A
Paul Morgan (Parent)
Appointed: 17/11/21
Nil N/A
Owen McColgan 
(CEO THAT/Accounting Officer)
Medway Academy of Performing Arts
(Partner from 03/01/2020)
Inspiring Change MAT
(Member from 12/12/2018)
Featherby Infants & Junior School
(Governor from 08/09/2020)
Past Governors
Sue Lamb (Co-opted)
Appointed: 11/09/2017
  2 of 3
Natalie Francis (Parent)
Appointed: 23/11/2017
Resigned: 23/11/2021
  0 of 3

If you are interested in becoming a school governor and would like more information our Chair of Governors, Mr D Giles can be contacted via the school office. Alternatively any correspondence can be sent to Mr Giles again c/o Deanwood Primary School via the school office.