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Our Curriculum

At Deanwood Primary School we are passionate about making musical learning engaging, enjoyable and meaningful; we want children to leave Deanwood with an interest and passion for music of their own.   

Our music curriculum is designed so pupils can become well-rounded musical individuals.  We encourage children to participate in a variety of musical experiences which are designed to build confidence as well as musical skill.  Children are encouraged to listen to, appreciate and explore different forms of music of increasing length as they move throughout the school in order that they can become reflective and expressive when exploring their own and others’ music.   

Our aim is to maximise the cultural capital children receive from the musical education they receive at Deanwood by exposing them to musical influences and pieces from a range of styles, artists and time periods. 

Within lessons, children develop an understanding of the elements of music by actively listening to a range of music, exploring and learning songs, composing and performing, and using a range of classroom instruments.  Alongside the provisions at Deanwood, we also work with Medway Dynamics to provide children with wider opportunities in music, which include instrumental skill.