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Technology is changing the lives of everyone globally.  At Deanwood, we want children to think beyond the classroom setting. Children need to be aware but not intimidated by potential online dangers, risks and vulnerabilities. E-safety is a key part of our carefully sequenced curriculum to enable our children to take advantage of the new opportunities that their futures will bring. Through teaching computing education across our school, we inspire and prepare the next generation to participate in the rapidly changing world, where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology.  Computing skills and computational thinking are a major factor in enabling children to become resilient, creative and critical digital citizens, understanding their role and responsibilities in the digital landscape. 


Our Aims 

By the time children leave Deanwood, they will: 

  • Be responsible, confident and creative users of technology, who apply computational thinking beyond the Computing curriculum. 

  • Be digitally literate and are active participants in a digital world. 

  • Have the skills to stay safe whilst using technology and on the internet, minimising risk to themselves and others. 

  • Understand and follow agreed online safety rules, and know who to contact if they have concerns, including the use of report buttons. 

  • Have repeated practical experience writing computer programs in order to solve problems, including logic and algorithms. 

  • Ask and answer questions through collection, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information. 

  • Understand how digital networks work and the services they provide. 

  • Use search options effectively; understanding the need to evaluate the relevance of content. 


But most of all, our children can embrace technology and understand that: Your digital tattoo begins at birth!  


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